The Experience

Welcome to the historic Hobart precinct of Battery Point where you will find a treasure trove of interesting buildings, shops and walkways One of the most popular destinations is by way of a meandering pathway to the 1839 constructed Kelly’s Steps, the Steps were commissioned and built by James Kelly as a descending connecting from Battery Point to Salamanca Place. Salamanca was constructed in the 1840s back then the charming array of tall sandstone buildings were used as warehouses supporting the busy port of Hobart, Today Salamanca still enjoys a healthy association with the Hobart Port with local businesses opening their doors onto the corridor for visiting cruise liners and research ships, The area is home of the world renowned “Salamanca Markets” operating each Saturday between 8.30 am to 3.00 pm Salamanca is regarded as the cultural hub of Hobart the magnificent old sandstone warehouses are now home to an array of art galleries, studios, live theatre and bars, One of the most enjoyable viticulture  experiences in Salamanca is at  Grape Wine Bar. Visitors to Grape will enjoy a rustic fusion in design elements that capture a Charring Cross-cavernous cellar experience. The enormous selection of red wine from Tasmania and around the world sleuthing in racks abut the period sandstone walls and fridges filled with local and imported white wine is impressive, Grape Wine Bar stocks some of the finest spirits, ports and liquors’ in the local area.

To complement the vast selection of the wine and drinks menu Grape’s talented Chefs have developed a respectful following of customers enjoying their ever evolving and increasing Tapas selection, Its fair to say Grape has it covered when you are considering light meals, Enjoy one or try a selection, which include everyone’s favorite home made pizza’s and what better way to accompany your favorite red or white than with a trio of local and interstate cheeses. Whether relaxing in the warmth and ambience of the rustic bar cellar inside or under the heated canopies of the Georgian streetscape you will find the Salamanca experience at Grape Wine Bar.