Featured Tasmanian and international Sparkling wines

Grape offers the ultimate Salamanca wine bar experience, where discerning patrons can indulge in stylish waterfront dining surrounded by a juxtaposition of old world rustic charm and modern industrial elements. Located in the heart of Salamanca, Grape boasts an enviable selection of over 700 wines prominently displayed on the heritage sandstone walls throughout, and offers wine tasting on Hobart’s beautiful waterfront. The casual-chic atmosphere is reminiscent of a stylish European bar, and the comprehensive wine and cocktail menu, featuring award winning Tasmanian wines, will impress even the most discerning palate.

Guests can soak up the warmth and ambience of Grape’s rustic Salamanca bar cellar experience with one of the best pinot noir selections on Hobart’s waterfront, or relax under heated canopies on our historic Georgian streetscape, enjoying al fresco aperitivos and dining at one of Tasmania’s quintessential Food and Wine Trail stops. Grape Wine Food Bar in Salamanca is proud to offer one of Hobart’s best waterfront dining and wine tasting experiences.